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AAI chairman forecasts 300 crore passengers annually by 2047

1 Apr 2024

New Delhi [India], April 1 (ANI): The Chairman of the Airports Authority of India, Sanjeev Kumar, anticipates a significant increase in air passenger numbers by 2047.

Speaking on the eve of the Airports Authority of India's annual day, Kumar stated, "As per one estimate, by 2047, we should be carrying almost 300 crore passengers per year. Our population is huge; our middle class is growing, so the number of travellers is going to grow."He remarked, "We have expanded existing airports and constructed new ones. We completed the licencing extension for new airports in 20 places and achieved a greenfield airport in Ayodhya within 20 months. Additionally, we completed the terminal building in Gwalior in 16 months. AAI, with the support of all of you, has done a commendable job."These statements were made during a dinner party at the AAI Officers Institute (Club) at the Safdarjung Airport. The Airports Authority of India celebrated its 29th annual day on April 1st.

The Chairman also awarded several airports for their exemplary work, especially superior customer satisfaction.

During the award ceremony AAI's Indore airport was accorded the Best Airport of the Year in ACI-ASQ Survey 2023 among AAI Airports. Whereas AAI's Chennai airportand Varanasi airport received awards for second and third rank in the ACI-ASQ Survey 2023.

Additionally, several AAI officials received awards for their outstanding contributions to national service.

On March 28, the AAI had said that a part of its commitment to bolstering the Nation's Civil Aviation Infrastructure, the organization has so far invested over Rs 3,800 Crores for Engineering Projects at various airports nationwide. This substantial investment will result in elevated Aviation Infrastructure, leading to heightened safety and an enhanced passenger experience.

Established on April 1st, 1995, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) is a statutory body operating under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. AAI is responsible for creating, upgrading, maintaining, and managing civil aviation infrastructure in India. (ANI)

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