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Aditya Narayan snatches fan's phone, throws it away during concert, video goes viral

12 Feb 2024

New Delhi [India], February 12 (ANI): Singer Aditya Narayan sparked controversy after a purported video of him hitting a fan during a concert in Bhilai, Chattisgarh, went viral.

In the said video clip, Aditya is seen singing one of the popular songs 'Aaj Ki Raat' from the 2006 film 'Don'. As he walked on stage, he suddenly pauses and looks at a fan in the audience and then proceeds to hit the fan with his mic. He subsequently snatches the person's phone and throws it away from the crowd.

However, it's unclear what irked the singer and made him misbehave during the concert.

Aditya's actions have left netizens furious.

"Disgusting human being! He better replace that phone with the latest iPhone 15," a netizen wrote on X.

"Horrible behaviour," another one wrote on X.

"Aditya should apologise to the person," an angry netizen commented.

Controversies are apparently not new for Aditya. In 2017, he got himself embroiled in a controversy after he misbehaved with an airline staff member and got into a verbal spat. He garnered a lot of backlash over his reported "chaddi" remark that he passed on the person.

'Mumbai pahunchne de, teri chaddi nahi utaari toh mera naam Aditya Narayan nahi' (Let me reach Mumbai. If I don't strip you, then my name is not Aditya Narayan)," Aditya had reportredly said in a heated verbal duel.

The son of veteran singer Udit Narayan is yet to comment about his recent controversial video. (ANI)

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