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Antitrust case against Apple, Amazon in Spain suspended on appeal

Robert Besser
11 Feb 2024

MADRID, Spain: An Amazon spokesperson said on February 8 that Spain's high court suspended fines totaling Euro194 million ($209 million) imposed against Amazon and Apple by the local antitrust watchdog, the CNMC, in July, pending an appeal.

Apple was fined Euro143.6 million and Amazon Euro50.5 million for colluding to prevent dealers other than Amazon from selling Apple wares on Amazon's websites in Spain.

The Amazon spokesperson added that the court's decision to suspend the payment is part of the appeal process.

In July, Amazon said that the number of discounts on Apple devices on Amazon's websites increased because of the deal, while Apple said the deal was intended to protect customers from fake devices.

A contract signed by the two companies in October 2018 granting Amazon the status of authorized Apple dealer on its Spanish websites included anti-competitive clauses, which prevented more than 90 percent of existing retailers from selling Apple products on Amazon's marketplace, the CNMC said.

The regulator added that following these contracts, Amazon reduced the capacity of retailers in the European Union based outside Spain to access Spanish customers, as well as restricted the advertising Apple's competitors were allowed to place on its website when users searched for Apple products.

Italy opened a similar case against the two companies, which was eventually dropped.

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