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Certified Credit Releases Latest Automation Solution, Cascade Undisclosed Debt Monitoring (UDM)

Brand Story
29 Jun 2022

With nearly 40 years of

experience in the credit industry, Certified Credit understands the

obstacles that modern mortgage lenders face. To combat these

challenges, Certified Credit has created a suite of automated

solutions, including their latest release, Cascade UDM.

Cascade UDM addresses the

issue of last-minute fallouts due to unexpected changes in borrowers'

credit activity, while helping lenders meet secondary market loan

quality standards. From the first credit pull to closing, Cascade

UDM helps lenders monitor their borrowers' credit activity

continuously for new inquiries and balances that have the potential

to derail the loan process.

According to Founder and CEO

of Certified Credit, Lucy Kereta-Block, "In today's mortgage

market, lenders are always looking for ways to streamline their

underwriting process. Reducing mortgage fraud is also a top concern.

Without continuous credit monitoring until closing, lenders'

fallout and repurchase risk can go up. That's where Cascade UDM can


Using advanced automation,

Cascade UDM monitors borrowers' credit activity as they move

through lenders' sales pipelines. It integrates seamlessly with

many popular loan origination software (LOS) systems, enhancing

convenience for lenders. By using Cascade UDM, lenders can receive

daily insights and instant alerts via text/SMS, email, or throught

API regarding their borrowers' activity, including:

  • New tradelines

  • New credit inquiries
  • Late payments
  • Increases in
  • debt-to-income ratios

  • Increases in payments
  • Collection items
  • With these timely alerts,

    lenders can reevaluate borrowers with sudden credit changes right

    away, rather than finding out right before closing. In turn, they can

    prevent expensive repurchase demands and costly closing issues.

    Cascade UDM can also enhance LQI compliance, enabling lenders to meet

    secondary market loan quality standards with greater ease.

    According to Lucy Kereta-Block, "The

    mortgage lending process requires continuous monitoring. Most lenders

    don't have time to do that on their own. Cascade UDM automates this

    otherwise tedious process, freeing up lenders' time to focus on

    other areas of their business that contribute to on-going success."

    Cascade UDM is just one of Certified

    Credit's many automated solutions. Their Cascade line also


    • Cascade Alerts - Low

    customer retention is a big problem in the mortgage industry.

    Cascade Alerts helps lenders enhance their customer retention and

    tap into their existing customer base to find new leads. By

    monitoring existing clients' credit activity, Cascade Alerts can

    let lenders know when their past and present clients are in the

    market for new mortgages, giving them a chance to vie for their

    repeat business.

  • Cascade Verification of Income
  • and Employment (VOE) - Making sure applicants have the income

    and employment history they claim is a crucial, yet cumbersome, part

    of the mortgage lending process. Cascade VOE makes it simpler

    through automation. By streamlining the ordering process, Cascade

    VOE helps lenders complete verifications faster and more


  • Cascade Prequal - Lenders
  • that offer prequalification cast a wider net for potential leads.

    Prequalification also helps aspiring homeowners understand their

    creditworthiness without harming their credit scores. With Cascade

    Prequal, lenders can offer prequalification on their website and

    share automated responses with their applicants, expanding their

    sales pipelines throughout the process.

    In addition to Certified Credit's

    Cascade solutions, the company is a full service, credit partner that

    offers a wide range of tools to help lenders improve their customer

    relationships, grow their businesses, adhere to regulatory

    requirements, and lower their costs. To learn more about Certified

    Credit's products and services, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit

    Media Contact: Certified Credit 1-800-769-7615

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