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Junta troops lay landmines in Shan State despite public protest

Khalid Umar Malik
21 Jan 2022

SHAN STATE, Myanmar - According to the Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF), the junta recently planted landmines across oil and gas pipelines passing through Hsipaw Township in northern Shan State to China.

According to the rights group, an unconfirmed number of landmines have been planted near a pumping station in forested areas on both sides of the Mandalay-Lashio roadway.

According to SHRF, a Myanmar army sergeant informed Hawng Haeng's headman that they were using landmines in the area for "security reasons," despite local protests.

According to reports, the military has barred residents from approaching the mined region, which they have long utilized to collect edible plants and hunt for wild game.

"The mines are for [the military's] own security, not for the locals' security," SHRF's Sai Hor Hseng told the press.

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