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CyberCEO Jessica Fox Wimmer on What Sets Cyberbacker Apart

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29 Nov 2021

Guest Jessica Fox Wimmer says staying connected is key to lasting Cyberbacker relationships on a new episode of their podcast CyberCEO

In this episode, Host Angelo Cruz and MAPS Leadership Coach Jessica Fox Wimmer discuss Cyberbacker's key role in the future of the real estate industry.

Listen to Angelo Cruz and Jessica Fox Wimmer's conversation here.

Staying Connected

'One of the misunderstandings about a virtual relationship is that you don't spend much time together,' Florida-based recruiter and coach Jessica Fox Wimmer says. Wimmer's successful business depends on staying closely connected with her Cyberbackers. Wimmer and her team spend 'priority time' together every day. 'When we Zoom, it's like we're sitting across the conference table.'

This frequent communication allows Wimmer to cultivate a close relationship with her team, which is essential to showing them the 'big picture', she says. 'They're a part of our success.'

Finding the right fit

Though Wimmer has worked with virtual assistants for the last ten years, 'I've had exponential success with Cyberbacker', she says. Cyberbacker's supportive structure creates a family-like environment where team members can check in with mentors, ask questions, and share successes. Wimmer notes that because Cyberbacker works hard to help candidates find a position that's the right fit for their personality and strengths, she hasn't seen the burnout and high turnover rates that can be common in the industry.

'What I love about Cyberbacker in particular is that they don't pigeonhole talent to be one or the other--they let people evolve to who they are.'

The Future of Real Estate

'I'm not detailed,' Wimmer says, 'But thank God Shiela is.' Working with Cyberbacker Shiela lets Wimmer focus on coaching, which is what she loves most and what she's best at. As Wimmer looks ahead to building a stellar real estate team, she sees agent services like communication with clients, emailing, scheduling meetings, accounting, and event planning as essential components of the 'office of the future.'

'Cyberbackers are going to be key, because we can only do so much in one day,' she says.

About: Cyberbacker's goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals in order to optimize growth. Find more information at, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: or phone: +1 801 686 8043

Jessica Fox Wimmer is a Florida-based real estate recruiter and coach who has coached over 2,000 agents over the course of her career. Find more information and Wimmer's contact information here.

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